This form can be used to submit recovery information for survey marks to Harris County. If the data sheet for this mark shows a recovery within the past 12 months and the status has not changed, please do not report it.

Enter Floodplain Reference Mark Number (Required):
Select condition of mark:

Note: For destroyed marks do the following:
If you did not find the actual marker, then you should enter notes concerning evidence of its possible destruction as text records and select "Not recovered, Lost" as the condition of mark.

Recovering Organization/Agency:

Enter initials of the person who recovered the mark (Required):
Enter date of recovery (Required): The current program is not valid for dates before 2001.
Enter your name and email address (Required): Privacy Statement: Your name and email address will be used only to contact you if there is a problem in loading your recovery. They will not be used for any other purpose.

Warning: Do not enter personal phone numbers.

Note: Text such as RECOVERED AS DESCRIBED, or MARK NOT FOUND, or DESCRIPTION IS ADEQUATE, etc., is not necessary.